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Shooting Competition

Wednesday, June 14, 2017,
9:00 am,
at Bass Pro's Outdoor Shooting Academy


The shooting competition will start at 9am on Wednesday, June 14th.

It will be held this year at Bass Pro's Outdoor Shooting Academy at
Big Cedar Lodge,
190 Top of the Rock Rd, 65739 Ridgedale, MO



Shooting Stages

  1. 6-6 inch round plates at 10 yards - All plates must go down. There will be a 5 second penalty for each plate that does not go down. This will be shot 2 times.
  2. Close to far - There will be one target at 10 yards, one at 15 yards, and one at 20 yards. Shooter will shoot the close target, middle target, far target 2 times, middle target, then the close target. Make a magazine change, then hit the close target, middle target, far target 2 times, middle target and finally close target.
  3. 6 across at 10 yards - Shooter may start at either the left or right. Shoot end target, center, other end 2 times, center, and finally the end target. Each shooter will do this stage 2 times.
  4. Hostage taker - There will be a front target, which is the hostage and there will be a portion of second target that will be visible behind the front target. The shooter must hit the visible portion of the rear target. The targets will be at 10 yards. Only one shot allowed.
  5. Body armor drill - Two shots to the chest and one to the head. This will be shot at 10 yards.

If all targets are hit and there are no misses there are 40 rounds required to complete all stages.


Please Register ($25) per contestant

Handgun or Shotgun Competition Registration







A special thanks to our great Shooting Competition sponsors!



Web & Photography by Tom Hollis